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Fic: Boots (Brian/Tom/Matt) Rated G

It's obvious to me that the whole sausage story over the past few months has been a total love triangle. Here's the clean version. Behind the scenes of course, there's all kinds of Brian/Matt hatesex and Tom/Matt S&M...

Summary: Set a few months back. Tom is leaving. Brian is sad.

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Part 1
Tom turned back to work. He had nothing more to say to Brian. Brian should feel angry, but all feelings seem to have left him. After a few moments, Brian realises he is gazing at the mud on Tom's boots. Brian turns quickly and starts to walk away but his ears are alert to the sounds behind him. Tom works so hard, somehow it invigorated the older man. Doing business with Tom was very different from working with Debbie or Adam. With Tom, it was more than the feeling of the Aldridge Empire growing. It wasn't even like the sense of leaving a legacy that he felt with Rory. Brian couldn't quite put his finger on why it hurt him so much that this partnership was ending.

Part 2
Crawford. Brian wanted to punch him. He could find him now and show him what he thought of him. Why would Matt want anything to do with Tom's business? He knows nothing about it. If Tom thought Matt could help him realise his potential the way he could, he's a fool. Brian wanted to take Tom and shake him. If Brian hadn't stepped in, Tom would be nowhere. The ungratefulness. The betrayal.

Part 3
'Won't you shake hands, Brian?'
'Of course'
His mother in law held his hand a bit longer than necessary. She looked into his eyes.
'He'll be in good hands, you know.'
Brian looked away.


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