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tee hee

I'm featured in the Guardian today after my Twittering whilst listening!


(I'm @karamina)

Can't believe Helen lives on. Bloody woman. Tsk.


My money was on Will finally flipping and shooting Ed and/or other members of the Grundy family (my dream would have been Will shooting Susan). Next anniversary, maybe.

Fic: Boots (Brian/Tom/Matt) Rated G

It's obvious to me that the whole sausage story over the past few months has been a total love triangle. Here's the clean version. Behind the scenes of course, there's all kinds of Brian/Matt hatesex and Tom/Matt S&M...

Summary: Set a few months back. Tom is leaving. Brian is sad.

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Things which are annoying me this week

Characters, especially Shula (but including Alan) talking to animals. Ambridge is in the country, and yes of course there are animals and they probably need to talk to them, but why do so many minutes of a 15 minute programme have to be taken up with people saying There there (insert animal name) and Go on there girl?

I live in the country and keep animals and I spend about two minutes a day talking to mine.


Hi there,
I've started an LJ Comm: archersslashed which is for fanfic and er, I've not put any up yet but if any  of you lot  are feeling creative, you're very welcome.

mp3 players

I really, really hate the way that in The Archers they talk about mp3 players. Last year (I think) Ruth talked about getting "that mp3 player that Pip wants" for Christmas and I bristled. I was annoyed enough to remember it at least a year later. And now Usha is taking her "mp3" running with her. I have never, ever, ever heard anybody in real life talking about mp3 players.

What happens if they want to play mp4s or aac files??
Not Lynda, I hasten to add, but all the other Archers pretending to be an amateur dramatics cast. Year in, year out we have to listen to them putting on silly voices when there must surely be better story lines to follow? How about a good death or an accident, or somebody having a baby 3 months early like in other soaps?
I think I'd better be upfront and honest as really I have a love hate relationship with the citizens of Ambridge and if I'm being really honest its mostly hate. The sooner Shul-ugh ends up at the bottom of a slurry pit the better for me and don't get me started on Roooth. I really cannot abide her and wish she'd followed through at that travelodge in Oxford and run off with the cow-man.

Aside from having to listen to Dopey David wailing on and on about it - it would be so much less painful listening knowing I'd never have to hear her strangulated tones ever again.

But I digress - back to Peggy. I cheered her on when she threatened to horsewhip Brain for doing more than just translating with Siobhan but aside from that memorable time all I've wanted to do is slap her - metaphorically speaking of course.

I know its completely understandable to not want your husband to go into residential care but I do think she's behaving really ungratefully to her family who have done a pretty good job of sorting out some decent care for Jack and some respite for her.

What do you think?  

Where and when?

At the moment I am trying to sell the concept of The Archers to a friend across the pond. What she will make of it, I don't know, but I'm hoping that after a couple of omnibus editions she will be hooked!

As I have explained elsewhere this week, I have been listening since I was in the womb, or so I believe: Elizabeth Archer was born a couple of weeks before me and my mother followed Jill's pregnancy with great interest as I was her first baby, and she was a young mother (her own mother was living half way around the world at the time and she had nobody to talk to about it). It was when I was a teenager that I started listening to it myself and my decision to go to agricultural college I can lay firmly at Ruth's door.

Apart from a couple of spells when I was getting too wound up to listen (one of them a few years ago when Helen was still at college and being particularly vile) I have listened to nearly episode over the last 25 years or so. I can't claim to be an authority because I have a lousy memory and I am often doing something else while I listen, but it is the one thing I cannot live without (I even smuggled a radio into hospital when I was going to have my last child, rather than miss an episode).

bisonfish listens when he is in the same room but claims that he can't get past the idea that it is a group of people standing around a microphone. To me it is a whole world with people and places I know as well as the ones that live in my village, much more real to me than a television series or even a good book.

Where and when did you get hooked??

Which is the best Archers character?

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